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Are you short in time, travel budget or simply in the need of quick escape from the daily grind? Whether you seek a rejuvenating weekend retreat or a brief yet exhilarating escape, this selection of riding holidays of three to five nights offer the ideal solution.

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I had an excellent riding experience in Iceland. Laure-Anne was highly engaged in planning my trip and provided valuable information beforehand. When I received the itinerary, my expectations were already high, but the actual experience exceeded them. Eldhestar, the partner in Iceland, organized everything perfectly. The horses were in great condition, a crucial factor for me, and displayed energy beyond my expectations. In summary, it was a top-notch experience!
I had a fantastic time on the Best of South-West Iceland ride! We explored stunning landscapes filled with mountains, valleys, and volcanic beaches. Riding Icelandic horses for the first time was truly one-of-a-kind. This was my second trip with OTC, and as always, everything was flawlessly organized. My only regret is that the adventure seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. A huge shoutout to Laure-Anne for her impeccable planning!
Tom Werner
The Best of South-West Iceland was my first ever riding holiday, and it turned out to be a dream vacation. The stunning natural scenery, the fantastic horses—everything was impeccably arranged! I simply had to relish the experience. Without a doubt, I'll be booking my next riding vacation with OTC again. Now, the only decision is which trip to choose. A heartfelt thank you to Laure-Anne for providing this unforgettable experience!
Nathalie Couplez
I had an absolutely incredible time with my daughter at Castle Leslie in Ireland. The accommodations were stunning, and we were treated to excellent guidance and fantastic horses. Whether you're a seasoned rider or someone with little jumping experience, the cross-country riding at Castle Leslie is an exhilarating experience. Thank you to Laure-Anne and Outside the Corral for the great guidance and personal approach!
Inge Meijers

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