About us

Outside the Corral was born out of a deep passion for discovering the world from horseback and the drive to share this extraordinary experience with as many people as possible. We believe it is the most magical way to immerse yourself into the nature and culture of a new destination and we simply want to get you as addicted to it as we are!

Why are we called Outside the Corral?

Of course there is the literal meaning. On a riding holiday you leave the safety of an enclosed corral (or riding arena) and you ride out into the wide open nature. But what attracted us more than anything else in this name, is the fact that it expresses the exact feeling and filosophy that riding holidays represent to us.

On a riding holiday, you go outside the corral of your own daily grind to experience something exciting and unique. You leave the safety of your comfort zone for a life-changing experience that breathes freedom. To us, there could be no better name to represent our authentic riding holidays.

Are you ready to go outside your own corral?!



We stay far away from tourist traps and bring you to the authentic gems. We look for the pure places that allow you to fully immersive yourself in the culture, history and the local atmosphere of your destination. Our partners are locally rooted and have lots of stories and knowledge to share with you.


We go for the ‘waw’-factor! We select and create horseback journeys with the objective to bring you happiness, wonder, excitement and the feeling of being alive. It’s our aspiration to disconnect you from your daily grind and to give you a memorable experience that enriches (or even changes) your life.

Responsible tourism

Our ‘leave nothing but a hoof print’ ethos aims at having a positive and minimal impact on the local communities and environments we travel to. We select local partners that share and demonstrate these values of responsible tourism and sustainability through their way of operation.


Mass tourism is not our cup of tea. We like to take you off the beaten track to the hidden gems. All our partners are small-scale, often even family-owned, businesses. This small scale allows for a more personal and therefore richer travel experience.


Cloots Ruitersport

Still looking for something for your next riding holiday? We work together with Cloots Ruitersport, an equestrian shop where you can find all the top brands for both horse and rider. Online shopping is also possible.

Trip natuur

A place full of inspiration about travel and trips that put you in contact with nature. For more peace and happiness. On adventure in Europe with your kids, but sometimes also without.

What do others say?

From the first conversations, we clearly felt a "click". Laure-Anne understood very clearly what we were looking for and that was for myself an "exciting riding experience" and for my partner a pleasurable wellness. And what we got was an incredibly romantic setting in Ireland with excellent horses and guides (both lessons and trail rides). The whole setting was perfect and, to top it off, we got a gorgeous, sunny summer week in Ireland without a drop of rain. We had no worries, gave everything out of our hands (including the extension of our riding trip with a rental car). Everything was tip-top, like Swiss clockwork!
Johan & Christa
I recently had the privilege of embarking on an authentic riding holiday in Botswana, organised by the fantastic team at Outside the Corral. I cannot express enough how extraordinary this experience was! I would like to express my sincere thanks to Outside the Corral for putting together such a unique and enriching experience. This trip went beyond a holiday, it was an immersion in the beauty and authenticity of Botswana. If you are looking for adventure, connection and memories that will last a lifetime, look no further. Thank you Laure-Anne for making my riding holiday in Botswana truly incredible!
Amber de Tollenaere
For a while, I had a dream of going on a riding holiday, and I eventually found my way to Outside the Corral. I was extremely impressed with Laure-Anne's guidance in helping me choose the perfect trip. It was fantastic how quickly I could communicate with her, and she provided me with a wealth of information. In the end, I embarked on an amazing journey to Iceland and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Laure-Anne had already warned me that once you experience a riding holiday, you become instantly hooked, and she was absolutely right! I'm already eagerly planning my next adventure, and, of course, I'll be using Outside the Corral again.
The destination was perfect for my purpose of recharging, relaxing and improving my riding skills. The horses were just beautiful and easy to ride, the food was delicious and the property was absolutely gorgeous. I also had a good time with the other guests, horse lovers who came from all over the world to this place for the famous Portuguese Lusitano horses. I will definitely return to Monte Velho! Laure-Anne read my needs perfectly and advised me exactly which ride to book. Moreover, she was very flexible when I needed to change my schedule and was available for 24/7 for questions. If you are thinking of a riding holiday, this is the place to book!

Ready to discover the horse riding holiday of your dreams?