About us

Outside the Corral was born out of a deep passion for discovering the world from horseback and the drive to share this extraordinary experience with as many people as possible. We believe it is the most magical way to immerse yourself into the nature and culture of a new destination and we simply want to get you as addicted to it as we are!

Why are we called Outside the Corral?

Of course there is the literal meaning. On a riding holiday you leave the safety of an enclosed corral (or riding arena) and you ride out into the wide open nature. But what attracted us more than anything else in this name, is the fact that it expresses the exact feeling and filosophy that riding holidays represent to us.

On a riding holiday, you go outside the corral of your own daily grind to experience something exciting and unique. You leave the safety of your comfort zone for a life-changing experience that breathes freedom. To us, there could be no better name to represent our authentic riding holidays.

Are you ready to go outside your own corral?!



We stay far away from tourist traps and bring you to the authentic gems. We look for the pure places that allow you to fully immersive yourself in the culture, history and the local atmosphere of your destination. Our partners are locally rooted and have lots of stories and knowledge to share with you.


We go for the ‘waw’-factor! We select and create horseback journeys with the objective to bring you happiness, wonder, excitement and the feeling of being alive. It’s our aspiration to disconnect you from your daily grind and to give you a memorable experience that enriches (or even changes) your life.

Responsible tourism

Our ‘leave nothing but a hoof print’ ethos aims at having a positive and minimal impact on the local communities and environments we travel to. We select local partners that share and demonstrate these values of responsible tourism and sustainability through their way of operation.


Mass tourism is not our cup of tea. We like to take you off the beaten track to the hidden gems. All our partners are small-scale, often even family-owned, businesses. This small scale allows for a more personal and therefore richer travel experience.


Cloots Ruitersport

Still looking for something for your next riding holiday? We work together with Cloots Ruitersport, an equestrian shop where you can find all the top brands for both horse and rider. Online shopping is also possible.

Trip natuur

A place full of inspiration about travel and trips that put you in contact with nature. For more peace and happiness. On adventure in Europe with your kids, but sometimes also without.

What do others say?

I highly recommend Outside the Corral as a partner for your next riding holiday. Laure-Anne understood our travel expectations very well and translated this in an attractive travel proposal. My questions at the start quickly became a non-issue thanks to Laure-Anne's expertise and the excellent guidance on site. OTC more than fulfilled its promise of a unique journey. I have already planned my next trip!
Edwin D'Hondt
Fantastic horseback safari in Botswana! Everything was perfectly arranged from start to finish. If we had questions during the preparations, Laure-Anne was always there for us! An unforgettable experience with fantastic guides and staff, well-cared horses, super delicious food and much more. Everything met my expectations and more. Outside the Corral will definitely see me back for my future riding holidays!
Ellen Roosen
Laure-Anne has been a perfect guide for our riding holiday to Portugal. From the first moment, she gave a lot of confidence and was also always willing to answer questions as quickly as possible. The holiday itself was more than successful. To such an extent that we will immediately book again for next year. The countdown can already begin! Thank you, Laure-Anne, for this unforgettable experience!
I had an absolutely incredible time with my daughter at Castle Leslie in Ireland. The accommodations were stunning, and we were treated to excellent guidance and fantastic horses. Whether you're a seasoned rider or someone with little jumping experience, the cross-country riding at Castle Leslie is an exhilarating experience. Thank you to Laure-Anne and Outside the Corral for the great guidance and personal approach!
Inge Meijers

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