General Questions

Are riding holidays suitable to travel solo?

Definitely! You will come across many solo travellers on riding holidays. While it can be intimidating to travel somewhere solo, riding holidays are very suitable for anyone travelling on their own. Our local partners will take good care of you (in most cases from the moment you leave the airplane) and will make you feel at home throughout your entire trip. Groups are always small and made up of people with similar interests. Often we see people become friends on horseback and link up to go on future trips together.

Some partners require a single supplement to be paid if you wish to have a single room. However many others don’t implement single supplements, especially if you are willing to share a room with another guest of the same gender.

Can non-riders join riders on a riding holiday?

Absolutely! The vast majority of our riding holidays are suitable for non-riding partners, family and friends. They offer alternative activities such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and going on safari by car – just to name a few. The day can be structured so that the entire group can share activities before or after pursuing their own favourite hobby apart, quite a good deal! Get in touch and we’ll organise your customised dream holiday that suits the entire group.

Please have a look here to find our selection of riding holidays that are suitable for bringing non-riders.

Is the flight included in the price?

No, none of our listed ride prices include flights. This allows you to take advantage of any airline special offer and to book your flights at the best possible price. In our experience it is often cheaper for you to book your own flights than it is for us to book these for you, because of the competitive pricing through most airlines.

We do offer advice on suitable flight options for your riding holiday, taking into account the pick-up times for your airport transfer. Before booking your flights you must check with us that our local partner has confirmed your place on the ride.

How are the prices set? Do the rides have fixed prices?

Outside the Corral does not set the prices itself, but takes them from the local partners. The exact price of a ride can vary depending on the travel period, length of stay, exact riding program, size of the group, whether or not you share a room, etc. That is why the "from" prices are always given as an indication. Are you interested in a particular ride? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made travel proposal with an accurate, clear and detailed price offer.

How long in advance do I have to book a riding holiday?

As long as there is availability, you can even book up to one week in advance. There is no booking deadline. However, as all of our partners are small-scale with slim availability and the prices of plane tickets increase closer to the date, we really recommend to book as early as possible.

How much time do you need on average for a riding holiday?

Most of our riding holidays are about one week long. However, we also have long weekends on horseback and expeditions of almost two weeks available. You can also combine riding holidays or extend your riding holiday with a citytrip for example. The choice is yours!

Riding Questions

Do I have to be an advanced rider to be able to go on a riding holiday?

No, not at all. We have holidays available for all riding levels, including a few programmes for those who have never ridden before. Even more, we believe riding holidays are a great way to pick up riding again after you have stopped for some time. During our first meeting we assess your riding level, expectations and desires to make sure that you are matched to a riding holiday that suits your needs and level.

Are there any weight restrictions on rides?

Yes, to maintain the health and safety of both riders and horses there are weight restrictions in place on all of our rides. The exact weight limit may vary from ride to ride, but most are around 90kg. If you weight more than the limit, please get in touch with us. Height, athleticism and riding experience are also considered to offer some flexibility in the weight limit. On some rides it is also possible to join after a supplement is levied to provide a second horse. It is utterly important to be honest about your weight at the time of booking to avoid that our local partners have to deny you join the rides upon arrival.

Are there any age restrictions on rides?

No, we know about people aged 90+ going on a riding holiday. To put it as a cliché: age is just a number. If you are fit, healthy and up for it, then it doesn’t really matter how old you are.

When it comes to taking children on a riding holiday or explicitly looking for one without children, both are possible. It all depends on the local partner that you go to. Some are open to the whole family, others are for adults only. Everything is possible!

It’s once again all about the perfect match. We make sure that you go on a riding holiday that perfectly matches your profile.

To what extent can you, as a guest, be involved in the care of the horses?

The general rule is: this is your holiday, so this is your time to relax and enjoy yourself. Therefore, you will never be expected to help with mucking out, feeding and brushing the horses, etc. If it's your own preference to help in the care of the horses, then make sure to mention this to the local partner. At some locations, you are welcome to help a hand and this is even greatly appreciated. However, there are also locations that refuse this for reasons of efficiency and safety. Each location has its own routine, way of working and type of material. So it really depends from ride to ride. Therefore, definitely enquire if interested in helping out.

What is the approximate size of the riding groups?

This depends from ride to ride, but to ensure the quality of the experience, we think it is important that they are not too big. On average, the groups consist of six riders plus guide. The size of the groups is always indicated in the column 'quick facts' on the page of every single ride.

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