The Transhumance ride is a real travel back in time, as you ride 200 kilometres along ancient drover routes, from Extremadura to the Gredos Mountains (or vice versa), just like cattlemen have done with their cattle for centuries. It’s a unique journey, crossing three different regions of Spain (Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y Lyon) and riding long distances every day.

Best period

February, March, October


From € 2.450

Ideal length

9 days - 8 nights


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Ride in the footsteps of an ancestral tradition of Spanish culture: the transhumance, the migration over long distances between the mountains in summer and the lowlands in autumn and winter.
Experience the thrill of a real expedition through Spain, with your beloved four-legged friend taking you to a new place every day.
Ride well-trained PRE (Pura Raza Española) horses, personally bred and trained by your guide.
Be pampered by a small and personal team of locals.

Quick facts

  • Riding Expeditions
  • 9 days - 8 nights
  • Experienced
  • Groups up to 10
  • 5 - 7 hours/day in the saddle
  • Madrid

At a glance

On this authentic 9-day trail ride (8 nights, 7 days of horseback riding) from hotel to hotel you will explore on horseback the Sierra de Gredos and Extremadura region, located west of Madrid. You will ride 200 kilometres (25 – 35 kilometres per day) following the Cañadas Reales. These are ancient drover routes criss-crossed in Spain, that have served the pastoral communities for many years. These tracks are 75m wide and stretch for 700km in length. Today they are still used by cattle herders who move their cattle between summer pastures in the mountains and winter pastures on the lowlands, called the transhumance. On this ride, you will follow the Cañadas Reales from Trujillo to Navarredonda de Gredos (or the other way around, depending on the time of year), crossing three regions of Spain - Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y Lyon.

More information

On this trip, you'll be firmly pampered. From the moment you land in Madrid until the end of the trip you will be in the hands of your friendly, knowledgeable hosts Emilio and Mamén. They know the area inside out and love sharing their local knowledge with you. You will stay in characteristic, rural hotels. The accommodation was carefully selected for its quality and the presence of adjoining pastures for the horses. During the day on the trails you will be spoiled by relaxing lunch and tapas breaks with delicious homemade Spanish dishes such as paella, tortilla, Spanish ham, followed by a siesta in the quiet countryside. At dinner you can again enjoy renowned local Spanish recipes and specialties. This is not the place to go hungry!

The horses are without a doubt one of the highlights of the trip. Guests ride PRE (Pura Raza Española) horses, almost all of which were bred and trained by Emilio himself. They are strong, reliable and very nice to ride. The horses are considered part of the family and are treated with the utmost care. The rides are easy-going, with exciting canters in between. The average distance covered per day is 25 to 35 kilometers. The group consists exclusively of advanced riders, with a maximum of ten (and the guide). The equipment (English saddles and bridles without bit) is excellently maintained.

In February and October the route goes from the Sierra de Gredos to Extremadura. In May, the route is the other way around.

What do others say?

Laure-Anne made sure I had the trip of my life. I received quick answers to all the questions I had beforehand, and noticed that she really thought along with us and lived with us towards our departure. During our trip, everything was arranged down to the last detail. I am already dreaming of a new horseback riding trip via Outside the Corral!
Céline Woltman
I travelled to Ireland as a non-rider and fully enjoyed the trip! The preparation went very smoothly, everything was prepared down to the last detail. Laure-Anne's enthusiasm made me very excited for departure. I am still reminiscing on the beautiful room, the friendly service, the delicious food and the tranquillity of nature during my walks.
Katrin Lauwers
From the idea of and all the way throughout the experience, I felt wonderfully guided by Outside the Corral. Laure-Anne helped me find just the trip I was hoping to have this April, right at the start of the season in Europe. Looking forward to my next one ahead! This time, I will take my dad and my sister with me. Can warmly recommend this agency.
After a 10-year riding break, I made the decision to return to horseback riding at Monte Velho, and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. The fantastic location, delicious food, and the camaraderie of the group, along with personalized dressage lessons and trail rides for each rider, ensured that I had an exceptional stay!

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