Mix & Match: 5x On Riding Holiday With A Non-Rider

Have you been dreaming of a riding holiday for years, but does your favorite travel companion not ride horses? No worries! Many riding holidays are designed to accommodate non-riding partners, family, and friends. There are plenty of alternative activities available for non-riders, such as mountain biking, hiking, or wellness activities, ensuring that everyone can have a great time. You can structure your day so that the whole group can enjoy shared activities together before or after pursuing their individual interests. In the evening, after a day of adventure, you can come together over a delicious meal or enjoy a refreshing sundowner at sunset, sharing stories and creating wonderful memories. It's quality time at its best!

Get inspired by these five authentic riding holidays that are perfect for bringing non-riders. Which one appeals to you the most?

1. Irish Castle Getaway in Ireland

Step into an Irish fairy tale! This incredible riding holiday in the north of Ireland offers breathtaking natural beauty, exceptional horses, authentic cuisine, and a stunning Irish castle estate. It's a destination that many guests return to year after year. You can explore the rolling green countryside on horseback with daily trail rides, improve your riding skills through lessons, and tackle an exciting cross country course on the estate.

Even when you're not on horseback, the estate offers a wealth of outdoor activities and adventures, including hiking, clay pigeon shooting, archery, picnicking, fishing, and carriage rides. After a day of outdoor fun, unwind with a relaxing massage at the extensive spa or savor a renowned afternoon tea. This destination offers the perfect blend of activity and relaxation in an idyllic setting!

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2. Sierras Chicas Estancia Stay in Argentina

Embark on an unforgettable journey to an award-winning estancia, where you'll immerse yourself completely in the authentic Argentine way of life, known as the "estancia way of life." Nestled in the hills of the Sierras Chicas in central Argentina, this hidden gem offers the ultimate tribute to Argentine country life, horse culture, and cuisine.

At this estancia, the charismatic Argentine gauchos (horsemen) take center stage, the talented chefs delight your taste buds, and the host, Kevin, eagerly shares the rich history of the estate and his beloved homeland while you savor a glass of Malbec.

During your stay, you have the flexibility to tailor your experience. Beyond horseback riding, you can partake in activities such as hiking, bird watching, 4x4 jeep rides, swimming in nearby waterholes, wine tastings, gaucho demonstrations, Argentine music nights, cooking sessions, and much more. This is your opportunity to uncover the true essence of Argentina!

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3. Waterberg Lodge Stay in South Africa

Embark on an extraordinary horseback safari in the unspoiled Waterberg region, where you'll indulge in the utmost comfort of a lodge situated on a private reserve. This accommodation is perfectly suited for diverse groups, accommodating riders of varying experience levels as well as non-riders, thanks to a wide array of alternative activities. Here, you'll savor exceptional hospitality at its finest, along with an unmatched level of flexibility.

Your daily activities can be chosen on the spot, without the need for prior planning. While the horseback safari is undoubtedly the highlight, an experience every horse enthusiast should have, there's a host of other activities to relish. You can partake in 4x4 safaris, guided bush walks, mountain biking, relaxation by the pools, indulgent massages, thrilling night safaris, and so much more. Plus, the horses coexist harmoniously with the reserve's wildlife, offering you the unique opportunity to get remarkably close to wild animals while on horseback.

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You can effortlessly combine this ride with the Simalaha Safari & Waterfalls ride in Zambia (see below). The result is an extremely varied holiday that leaves a wide range of impressions and offers something for everyone.
Laure-Anne Rigaux (Founder Outside the Corral)

4. Simalaha Safari & Falls in Zambia

This ride offers a distinctive blend of adventure, relaxation, and safari experiences. You'll start with a "glamping-style" horseback safari on the pristine Simalaha Plains, followed by a stay in a beautiful lodge on the Zambezi River. This lodge is conveniently close to iconic destinations like Victoria Falls, Livingstone, and national parks such as Chobe and South Luangwa.

What sets this ride apart is the exclusive access you'll have to the unique ecosystem of the Simalaha Plains, a region explored only by our trusted partner. Even if you're a non-rider, you can still enjoy 4x4 safaris, guided bush walks, and visits to local villages with a knowledgeable guide. Once you experience the enchantment of the Simalaha, it's a memory that will stay with you forever!

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5. Alentejo Dressage & Countryside in Portugal

At this dressage stud, riders of all levels can access top-notch dressage lessons, which can be conveniently paired with trail rides in the stunning eco-reserve. But this family-owned stud farm offers more than just horseback riding; it also has a captivating backstory. The founder, a successful architect, not only designed the charming accommodations but is also deeply passionate about breeding Lusitanos and participating in dressage competitions. The stud proudly represented Portugal at the 2021 Olympics with a home-bred horse.

For those who don't ride, there are numerous opportunities for relaxation and exploration. Quiet spots abound, and you can take advantage of the panoramic swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and even schedule massages. If you seek a bit more adventure, bicycles and canoes are readily available on-site. If you'd like to explore the area with non-riders, a customized equestrian program can be arranged. The stud is situated in an area filled with attractions, from historic towns to sprawling vineyards. Boredom is simply not an option here!

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