Doñana Dressage & Countryside

Feel at home at this Spanish-style family-run farmhouse, located in the heart of Doñana National Park in southern Spain. This is your base for some high-quality dressage lessons or for a trail ride through the incredible surroundings.

Best period

Year-round (excl. June - August)


From € 1.750 (trail); € 1.600 (dressage, 6 nights)

Ideal length

3 - 6 nights


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Ride through Doñana National Park, a unique natural area listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
Enjoy the thrill of a trail ride, while returning to your comfortable Spanish-style accommodation each night.
Explore El Rocío from horseback, a town dedicated by and for the horse (no cars!).
Pay a visit to the nearby cities of Seville, Cádiz and Huelva.

Quick facts

At a glance

The unique location of this family-run farmhouse and equestrian centre makes riding here an unforgettable experience. Doñana National Park is one of Europe’s most beautiful and important wetlands. What makes this area so special is that in just one day you can see very different ecosystems: marshland, pine groves, lagoons, moving dunes, 30 kilometres of pristine white beaches, … The soil is all sand, which allows for excellent going for the horses.

The farmhouse offers its guests two types of horse riding experiences: dressage lessons and a five-night trail ride through the national park. The dressage programme includes two private riding lessons per day on well-trained Spanish horses. On request, the dressage lessons can also be mixed with a few short rides in the countryside. The trail ride programme is an exciting trail ride through the national park, riding on average six hours per day. While the horses will stay overnight at the end of the route each day, the guests shuttle back to the farmhouse every night for dinner and accommodation.

More information

Both the cuisine and the newly renovated accommodation are in authentic Spanish style. The owners take pride in serving high-quality, local dishes. The farmhouse and equestrian centre are located in the suburbs of El Rocío, a town dedicated by and for the horse. The town has white cottages and sandy unpaved roads. You won’t spot many cars. Lots of people get around on horseback and there is a special rail for tying your horse to whilst you stop for lunch.

Your host José Manuel, with a strong background in dressage training and environmental science, is a skilled dressage instructor as well as an informative guide when being out on the trail.

What do others say?

Indescribable adventure & worth repeating!!! Truly incredible! Also the communication with Laure-Anne is super! Thank you!!!
Loah Peeters
For a while, I had a dream of going on a riding holiday, and I eventually found my way to Outside the Corral. I was extremely impressed with Laure-Anne's guidance in helping me choose the perfect trip. It was fantastic how quickly I could communicate with her, and she provided me with a wealth of information. In the end, I embarked on an amazing journey to Iceland and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Laure-Anne had already warned me that once you experience a riding holiday, you become instantly hooked, and she was absolutely right! I'm already eagerly planning my next adventure, and, of course, I'll be using Outside the Corral again.
Laure-Anne from Outside the Corral paid attention to my holiday wishes from the very first moment. She took care of a proper preparation and literally took me on a journey to my holiday destination. During the entire stay in Spain, the horses and guests were well taken care of. We rode in a beautiful area with a diversity of scenery, from flat countryside, valleys to steep cliffs. We spent six to seven hours in the saddle per day and during the breaks we enjoyed delicious tapas and traditional local dishes. Lunches were lavish picnics, each day in a unique spot, in the middle of nature. Living so close to nature feels very exclusive. The experience of a Michelin restaurant can hardly compete with this. ;-) The composition of the group was amazingly good. Our group consisted of ladies, various age groups, and we interacted in a casual way. The holiday exceeded my expectations. It was truly fantastic and can highly recommend it!
Brigitte Verhoeven
Last week, I went to Monte Velho in Portugal with Outside the Corral. Simply great! Laure-Anne guided us well from the beginning and gave clear answers to all our questions. Even when she was at the airport herself, she helped us with our cancelled flight. Thanks again Laure-Anne!

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